If you are of sound character, experienced parents with a family, and have good references you can give us, and if you would like experiencing the joy of hosting a student from another country and culture... please consider becoming a host family. This experience is the most rewarding family experience we can recommend to you.

We at HOMESTAY WORLDWIDE have been hosting students from all over the world for over nine years and it has been the most wonderful experience for us. We have met and become part of a most incredible world family, and feel at home in just about any country in the world. Students living with your family will become part of your family and remain lifelong friends. You will play a part in making the world a more peaceful, and understanding place and expand your own horizons and international understanding. The goodwill you create will come back to you multiplied.

If you are interested in hosting visitors or students at your home with your family in your country, please e mail us and we will send you an application form.


 Email: Clotilda Smith 


P.O. Box 137 Caringbah. N.S.W. 1495

SYDNEY. Australia

Phone:61-2-9544-0126 or  61-414-844103 (mobile)

Fax: .61-2-9544-0511



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